Inspiration for your workplace

At Aptiq we do not think in terms of individual gadgets, but in workplace collections, products that match each other in terms of look & feel. Discover the "looks" we have put together or put together your own workplace.

Discover our collections

Misty green

Aptiq's misty green collection is inspired by the greenery of the Scandinavian landscape. Green is a soothing color and helps you lower your stress. In short, the ideal combination for your own workplace.

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Lake blue

The lake blue collection from Aptiq is a calm, cool combination of blue and gray tones. Inspired by the Scandinavian fjords and seas. The color blue helps you focus and gives peace to the eye.

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Midnight blue

This nighttime deep blue combination ensures utmost concentration and focus. Can be used with both black and white accent products. Atmospheric and stylish, inspired by the long nights and clear skies around the Arctic Circle.

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Off white

This off white collection is a combination of natural white tones, pebble, sand and clay. The colors from a minimalist Scandinavian interior. This combination ensures peace and minimal distraction, so you can focus even better.

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The sand collection from Aptiq is a combination of light neutral earthy tones, combined with cool coal black. This combination creates a serious, yet attractive workplace with maximum focus and minimal distractions.

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Off black

This classic off black color combination should not be missed. The different shades of black can be perfectly combined with lead gray, medium gray and even white. Stylish, cool and minimalist. This combination gives your eyes peace and focus.

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