Opgeruimde werkplek voor meer productiviteit

A tidy workplace: the key to focus and productivity

Working from home offers many advantages, but distractions lurk. A home workplace requires an environment where focus and effectiveness are central. A tidy workplace is essential for this, because an organized desk contributes to clarity in your head and your focus. In this blog post we explain to you the simple things you can do to get an organized and tidy desk.

Eliminate unnecessary items!

First of all, eliminate unnecessary items. Use the rule: haven't you used it in the past week? Get rid of it. Any extra pen, stapler or post-it that doesn't have a daily function can be distracting. Keep only the essentials within reach.

Use digital tools

Second, harness the power of digital tools. Keep your desk free of paperwork by managing documents digitally. Print as little as possible. Take digital notes if necessary. Nowadays you can easily create and save these in a PDF file. This not only reduces chaos, but also makes important documents easier to find.

Use desk organizers

Use containers, drawers or desk organizers! These simple tools prevent small office supplies from taking over your workspace. Small items, pens, cards and the like quickly become a mess on your desk. By collecting them and putting them in a bin or drawer, they are less disruptive. Aptiq, for example, offers atray in the monitor stand for this kind of thing.

Work wirelessly

Work wirelessly as much as possible. This way you avoid a mess of unnecessary wires and cables. If you do need these, consider bundling cords with a tie wrap or iron wire. A cable management system with channels or recesses for plugs is of course the very best solution.

Remember, a tidy desk equals a tidy mind. With these tips you can create a workplace that is not only neat and orderly, but also benefits your mental clarity and productivity. This makes working from home even more effective and productive!