About Aptiq

What do we stand for, our vision and mission and the story behind Aptiq

Aptiq. for an inspiring workplace

Aptiq is the new Dutch design brand for stylish and comfortable workplace accessories, with the aim of creating an inspiring and healthy working environment. Because we believe that a beautiful and ergonomic workplace is the key to more vitality, productivity and creativity.

Aptiq design

Fits into any interior

Our products not only contribute to a better working posture, but also fit perfectly into your interior. So no boring and functional office products, but design products with a minimalist look & feel.


Digital balance

We also attach great importance to a healthy digital balance. We encourage you to stop work every now and then, go offline and take a walk. It is precisely these moments of variety that stimulate your creativity. At Aptiq we say: Stop working, start creating

Stop working
start creating

Bart Jan Scholte - founder Aptiq
The Aptiq story

The idea

It actually started before Corona. I did more and more digitally at home. I spent hours behind a screen without realizing it. Often in the same position, with a laptop on your lap or at the kitchen table. I could wait it out, but I started getting more and more complaints. To improve my working posture, I started with a stack of magazines under my laptop. The next step was taking things home from the office. Very functional, but quite ugly. My house looked like an office. I thought this could be done differently.

My house looked like an office

Not really an inspiring place. That had to change! I started my search for stylish and ergonomic products, but the results were minimal. That's why I decided to start my own business. With my background as a marketing professional and my love for design, I decided to design and develop these workplace products myself. The Aptiq brand was a fact.

The name


The user is always central at Aptiq. This is also how the brand name came about. Aptiq consists of "apt" and "iq". In English, “to apt” means suitable for or fit in and “iq” stands for smart. Because a nice workplace that suits you simply works better, more pleasantly and you stay fit longer.