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      Be more productive with a stylish laptop stand

      At Aptiq, ergonomics and style come together in our high-quality laptop stand. Our specially designed Aptiq laptop stand is the perfect solution to improve your working posture and increase your productivity. With this stylish laptop stand, your laptop is immediately at the correct working height. The laptop stand is sturdier and higher than the average laptop holder, making it ideal for laptops up to 17 inches. Moreover, the laptop stand is available in black , white , blue or green and fits into any home office. The stand has a minimalist design and is made of durable and high-quality aluminum with a thickness of 4 mm. So perfect as a stand for a MacBook or other nice laptop brands.



      Why choose an Aptiq laptop stand?

      At Aptiq, we're committed to designing products that make your work life more comfortable. Our laptop stand is not just a laptop riser; it is a statement of style, durability and ergonomic design. Suitable for anyone who values ​​health and aesthetics in their workspace.

      Benefits of an Aptiq laptop stand

      • Ergonomic: Improve your working posture with this laptop stand, which is higher than average and raises the laptop screen by at least 16 cm, reducing neck and back strain.
      • Stylish design: The laptop stand has a minimalist design. Sleek lines combined with round corners and a beautiful matte finish.
      • Robust aluminum: Made from high-quality 4 mm aluminum, therefore sturdy, stable and durable. Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches. The stand is equipped with soft rubber pads to protect your laptop.
      • Fits in any interior: The laptop stand is available in 4 stylish matte colors: black, white, blue and green. This allows you to easily create your favorite workplace.


      The stylish design: simplicity meets functionality

      The design of the Aptiq laptop stand is imbued with minimalism. Clean lines and elegant rounded corners strip the design of all superfluities. Made from durable aluminum and available in four stylish colours, this 4mm thick stand provides a stable surface for your valuable MacBook or other laptops. Made from one piece, it is the embodiment of stability and style.


      Aptiq laptop stand: a must-have for every professional

      Any professional who regularly uses a laptop will experience the benefits of the Aptiq standard. It is an essential tool that not only improves your workplace, but also contributes to a healthier work routine.

      Stylish design for any interior

      Aptiq understands that appearance is just as important as functionality. Our laptop stand is designed with clean lines, rounded corners and an elegant matte finish, making it a stylish addition to any interior or workplace. It also fits perfectly with various brands of hardware, but personally I find it very suitable as a MacBook stand. Choose from our four subtle matte colors - black, white, blue and green - and create a workspace that is not only comfortable, but also visually appealing.

      Quality and durability with the Aptiq laptop stand

      The Aptiq laptop stand is made of high-quality 4 mm thick aluminum, which provides a sturdy and stable base for your laptop. This durability guarantees that your investment will last a long time. The soft rubber pads on the stand provide extra protection for your laptop, preventing scratches and other damage.

      Optimal cooling for your laptop

      Another important advantage of the Aptiq laptop stand is air circulation and heat conduction. The aluminum and elevated position makes it easier for your laptop to dissipate heat, which improves performance and reduces the chance of overheating. This is essential for the long-term preservation of your laptop.

      The ideal choice for any workplace

      With the Aptiq laptop stand you not only opt for an ergonomically sound working position, but also for a stylish and modern look that fits perfectly with any workplace or interior. Our laptop stand combines functionality, style and durability, making it an indispensable addition to your workspace.

      A healthy working posture at home: the benefits of a laptop stand

      In our increasingly digital age where working from home is becoming the norm, the importance of an ergonomic workplace is more crucial than ever. While many people are inclined to simply place their laptop on a table, this often leads to working for long periods in a physically taxing position. With the head bent forward and staring at a small screen, tension quickly arises in the neck and shoulders, which can lead to unpleasant complaints in the long term. Using a laptop stand is a simple but effective solution to prevent such problems.

      Combine with external equipment for optimal ergonomics

      For an even better working experience, we recommend combining the laptop stand with an external compact keyboard and mouse . Typing on the laptop itself can worsen tension in the shoulders and arms. By using the laptop only as a screen and typing on a separate keyboard, the working posture can be further optimized. This ensures a more relaxed and natural position of both the hands and arms, contributing to a more comfortable and productive working day.

      Why a laptop stand is indispensable in your home workplace

      Using a laptop stand brings the screen to the ideal eye level, which promotes a more natural and healthier working position. This significantly reduces the pressure on the neck and shoulders and helps prevent complaints in the long term. In addition, an ergonomically placed laptop ensures better posture for the entire body, which is essential for anyone who works at a computer for long periods of time.


      The ergonomic benefits of a laptop stand

      A laptop stand not only helps raise the screen to eye level, but also promotes an overall better sitting posture. This helps to reduce pressure on the spine and promotes better back alignment. Improved posture can reduce or even prevent common problems such as back pain and muscle tension. In addition, a good laptop stand makes it possible to work longer and more comfortably, which contributes to higher productivity and a more pleasant working experience.

      An investment in your health and productivity

      Investing in an Aptiq laptop stand is an investment in your own health and well-being. It not only prevents physical complaints, but also ensures a more focused and efficient working day. With the right setup, you can get the most out of your work-from-home experience while taking care of your physical health.

      Conclusion: a laptop stand, a smart choice

      In short, a laptop stand is an essential part of an ergonomic home workplace. It not only helps create a healthy working posture, but also contributes to a stylish and functional workspace. Whether you work for a few hours or a whole day, a laptop stand ensures a comfortable and productive working environment. Make the smart choice for your health and productivity today by purchasing a quality laptop stand.

      Reviews from Aptiq customers


      I received gifts from Aptiq under the Christmas tree. I received the tray monitor and the desktop press in off white that match an Apple I-mac nicely. Super good quality and looks very stylish. Your entire desk is immediately furnished. Drawer is useful for putting small things in. Super nice gift to give

      Robert Dresen
      Google review

      Stylish laptop standard ordered from the Midnight blue collection. The beautiful matte color and the perfect height of the stand are ideal for concentration and focus while working from home and are an asset to my desk. Neat webshop with a clear range, great user experience and smooth delivery.

      Webwinkelkeur review

      Very happy with this beautiful design workplace set. The complete set gives my workplace peace and quiet!

      Viviana van der Ven
      Google review

      Beautiful products, nice combination of style and ergonomics. Ordered a new topper, mouse and keyboard in Misty Green last week. Products were delivered quickly and they really look great.

      Webwikelkeur review

      A truly great collection for every home workplace!

      Anne Schuttelaars
      Google review


      Everything for an inspiring workplace

      Aptiq is the new Dutch design brand for stylish and ergonomic workplace accessories, with the aim of creating an inspiring and healthy working environment. Because we believe that a beautiful and ergonomic workplace is the key to more vitality, productivity and creativity.

      About Aptiq

      Aptiq workplace accessories

      Stylish design

      Our inspiration comes from the Scandinavian lifestyle and design philosophy. With calm and natural colors, high-quality materials and minimalist design, we create harmony and minimize distractions.

      Better working posture

      In addition to stylish design, Aptiq products contribute to a better working posture. Our products are ergonomically sound and do not require adjustment. Because a better posture ensures more comfort and ultimately higher productivity.

      Long lifespan

      All Aptiq products are made of high-quality materials that last a long time, even with intensive use. From the keystroke, height and thickness of the materials, everything has been thought through.