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Aptiq workplace design: harmony and ergonomics

In today's world, a home workplace is indispensable. At Aptiq we understand that this space should not only be functional, but also inspiring. That is why we design and develop products that not only contribute to a healthy working posture, but also form an aesthetic part of your interior.


Why Aptiq design?

Of course, there are already ergonomic workplace accessories. But these are almost all products that are functionally designed. So no stylish workplace accessories that fit into the interior. Moreover, these products are so different in shape, material and color that they do not form a unity. This creates a workplace that is messy and unpleasant to work with.

Design keyboard:

Typing in style

The Aptiq wireless keyboard is an enrichment for any workplace. With its universal US layout and minimalist design, this keyboard invites you to be productive. The clean, hard lines and rounded corners create a seamless transition from work to aesthetics. The round keys, a modern echo of the classic typewriter, fit perfectly under your fingertips. Available in four stylish colors, this keyboard embodies the art of working.

Designer mouse

Comfort in symmetry

This universal wireless mouse is the perfect partner for the Aptiq keyboard. Its minimalist and ergonomic design with smooth, round shapes provides comfort for long-term use. The symmetrical design makes it suitable for both left and right-handed users. The Aptiq mouse works easily and can be operated very accurately.

Design desk mat

The basics of your work zone

Our Desk Topper or desk pad is the foundation of your workspace. The rounded corners echo the design of the keyboard, while the high-quality, double-sided flexible polyurethane provides comfort to your hands. Available in seven stylish colors, with beautifully stitched edges that exude a luxurious leather look, this desk mat defines your primary work zone and keeps you within the confines of an ergonomic shoulder width.

Designer laptop stand

Simplicity meets functionality

The design of the Aptiq laptop stand is imbued with minimalism. Clean lines and elegant rounded corners strip the design of all superfluities. Made from durable aluminum and available in four stylish colours, this 4mm thick stand provides a stable surface for your valuable MacBook or other laptops. Made from one piece, it is the embodiment of stability and style.

Design monitor stand

Order and efficiency

The Aptiq monitor stand with drawer is an example of minimalist design. It combines clean lines with soft corners and eliminates everything that is superfluous. Made of high-quality and durable aluminum, and available in four attractive colors, this stand not only provides a stable base for your screen, but also extra storage space. An optional organizer drawer has been developed, characterized by the same round corners and straight lines as the monitor stand, made of high-quality flexible polyurethane and available in seven colors.

Aptiq design

Our design philosophy

Our goal is to create a working environment in which well-being and style go hand in hand. Because a nice workplace simply works better! That is why we have established a number of Aptiq design principles. We explain these below:

Design principle 1

Simplicity and functionality

Every Aptiq product is designed with the same design principles, so that together they form a harmonious set on your desk. This consistent design is reflected, for example, in the round corners of the keyboard, desk mat, or monitor stand, always the same radius and flowing lines.

Design principle 2

Minimalism and maximum focus

Inspired by Scandinavian design, Aptiq strives for a minimalist look that brings peace and order to your desk and no distractions. Our products are designed to help you focus on what really matters: your work.

Design principle 3

Sustainability as standard

In a world that is more sustainability conscious than ever, Aptiq takes this responsibility seriously. We choose high-quality materials that are not only sturdy and durable, but also easy to recycle at the end of their lifespan. In this way, our products contribute to a better world for future generations.

Design principle 4

Neutral and compatible

Our designs and colorways are carefully matched to a wide range of popular computer brands. Whether you're an Apple fan or prefer Dell or Lenovo, our products support and enhance the look of your device without compromise. The MacBook in midnight blue forms a perfect combination with our laptop stand in blue.

Design principle 5

For every interior

Colors that last, materials that fit and a finish that appeals: Aptiq has it all. We have put together our color collections based on leading interior brands. We also looked at which colors are most suitable for a workplace. Aptiq offers various pleasant and carefully composed workplace collections.

Design principle 6

Harmony and friendliness

Aptiq stands for accessibility and friendliness. Our products together form a whole, look soft and are pleasant to use, with round shapes, sleek lines and luxurious finish. The Aptiq products therefore also have a decorative value and take the workplace to a higher level.

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