Welke kleur past bij jouw werkkamer?

Which color suits your office? Let your personality shine!

Your office is a place where you want to be productive and feel good. An important aspect when decorating your workspace is the choice of color. Colors influence our mood and productivity. In this blog post you will discover which color suits you and your office best. Let your personality shine and create an inspiring and harmonious environment in which you can work optimally!

Sand or clay colors: tranquility and refinement

If you are looking for a color that exudes calm and sophistication, consider sand or clay color for your office. These neutral tones create a serene and relaxing atmosphere, making it easy to concentrate. Sand or clay color is timeless and versatile, making it easy to combine with other colors and materials. Choose sand color, pebble gray or taupe walls, an office chair or accessories such as storage boxes or a rug. This way you create a calm and stylish workspace in which you feel completely at home.

Shades of blue: peace and concentration

If you need peace and concentration while working, blue is an excellent choice for your office. Blue has a calming effect and can reduce stress. It promotes a feeling of relaxation and focus, which is essential for productivity. Choose a lighter shade of blue to create a soothing atmosphere. For example, paint an accent wall blue or use blue accessories such as an office chair or storage baskets. Combine blue with neutral colors such as white or gray for a fresh and balanced look.

Green: freshness, vitality

Green is a color that symbolizes nature, freshness and vitality. It brings a sense of harmony and balance, making it an excellent choice for your office. Green can help reduce stress and improve your concentration. Introduce greenery into your office with plants, such as an air-purifying houseplant or a mini garden on your desk. You can also opt for green accents in your furniture or decorative elements. This creates a feeling of warmth and security, allowing you to work pleasantly and productively.


When choosing the right color for your office, it is important to take your personality and the desired atmosphere into account. Sand color or beige radiates tranquility and refinement, blue promotes tranquility and concentration, while green brings freshness and vitality. Experiment with different shades and combine them with other colors and elements in your office. This way you can create a workplace that suits you perfectly and in which you can work with pleasure and focus. Let your office be an extension of your personality and enjoy an inspiring environment! Take a look at our Aptiq workplace coloring page for some great examples.