De ideale thuiswerkplek

The ideal home office: find the perfect space in your home

Working from home has changed the way we view workplaces. Creating an effective workplace at home has become essential. understands this and offers you insights to make the best choice for your situation. Working from home requires a space where productivity and well-being come together. In this blog post we describe the different rooms and give you tips on how to organize them optimally.

Living room: central and multifunctional

The living room is a dynamic place where you can create a pleasant workplace with smart solutions. For example, use a room divider to create a defined working corner. No room divider or cupboard available? Don't worry, you can also use a plant to define the work space. Choose a desk or worktop that matches the style of the room and provide it with stylish and ergonomic accessories that fit into the interior and still work comfortably. Also consider storage options to quickly store your work supplies when you're done. Examples include a monitor stand with a built-in drawer or elegant drawer units that fit under the desk. For a good working posture, also choose a chair that can be adjusted in height. This does not have to be an office chair, but can also be a kitchen chair with a nice cushion.

Bedroom: relaxing and separate

In the bedroom it is important that the workplace does not detract from the relaxing atmosphere. Use a folding table or a small desk that you can easily conceal. An ergonomic chair that you can adjust contributes to your posture and can serve as a reading chair outside working hours. Make sure you have good lighting, such as a desk lamp, where you can regulate the light temperature (daylight to warm white) and the amount of light. This prevents eyestrain and can also provide coziness in the bedroom. If you use a laptop in the bedroom, place it on a stylish laptop riser and work with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Choose the desk accessories in a color that matches the style of the bedroom.

Attic: quiet and private

An attic room is perfect as a quiet workplace. Provide the room with a strong internet connection. An adjustable sit-stand desk can work wonders here, as can a comfortable office chair. Personalize the space with plants and artwork to create a stimulating environment and opt for smart storage solutions to keep everything tidy. With the right insulation and climate control you create a quiet and concentrated workplace. An attic room is ideal for those who want to work undisturbed. Be careful not to feel too remote, which can lead to a feeling of isolation.

Workroom: professional and functional

A special office is the ultimate luxury for working from home. The space must inspire and be equipped with all the essential accessories for a healthy workplace. Give the room a color that gives you peace and makes you feel good. You can design a nice office with an eye for detail. Provide a large desk with space for multiple screens and accessories that improve your working posture, such as a desk pad, a laptop stand and monitor stand with drawer. Invest in a height-adjustable chair and also consider sound-absorbing materials for a quiet environment.

General workplace tips:

  • Choose a place with plenty of natural light and fresh air.
  • Minimize distractions and maintain a tidy environment.
  • Consider the acoustics for online meetings and concentration.
  • Consider the light; Place your desk parallel to the window to avoid glare on your screen.
  • Give your desk and room a color that matches your interior.
  • Use stylish and ergonomic workplace accessories from, for example , Aptiq .
  • Minimize electronic distractions by only having necessary devices on your desk.
  • Provide smart storage spaces on or under the worktop.
  • Make your workplace personal with items that motivate you.

With these tips and stylish products from Aptiq, you can turn every room in your home into a place where you want to and can work.