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Setting up your workplace: this is how you create an inspiring and personal place

Working from home has become the new normal and this requires a workplace that is not only functional, but also stylish. A beautifully decorated workplace stimulates creativity and productivity. In this blog we share essential tips for styling and furnishing your ideal home workplace. Setting up an inspiring workplace at home does not have to be complicated. With a few simple adjustments and the right personal items you can create a place that is both inviting and motivating.

Choice of desk and chair

Imagine that your desk is not only a place for tasks and to-do lists, but also a place that inspires. Choosing the right agency is a good start. A piece that appeals to your aesthetic sense, but that also invites you to take a seat and start the day. The desktop should feel nice and not stick to the hands. For example, choose natural materials for more warmth and a more luxurious appearance. Combine this with a chair that not only takes care of your back, the right seat height, but also compliments the beauty of your desk. If you have a light desktop, choose a light or same color for your chair. A dark desktop is accompanied by a dark chair. This way you create unity and have a nice basis for your home workplace.

Proper lighting

Lighting is the crowning glory of your workplace. Choose a lamp that is not only functional but also looks like a design piece on your desk. This can make the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary work experience. If you choose a designer lamp, check whether you can adjust the color and amount of light. The color of light is expressed in color temperature (Kelvin). 2700 Kelvin (K) is reasonably warm light, but to simulate daylight you need a higher temperature of, for example, 4000 K. The light quantity is expressed in lumens, for a lamp on the desk we recommend using at least 400 lumens. It is also wise to see whether the lampshade can be rotated so that you can properly highlight yourself during a video call.

Tidy and organized desk

An inspiring workplace usually radiates peace. This place invites and motivates you to take a seat and start working on it. You can achieve this by paying attention to what you put on your desk. First of all, keep your desk clean and organized. In addition, you should pay attention to whether the accessories match each other in terms of color, material and shape . The more differences, the more unrest and distraction. For example, if you have a damaged or less attractive desktop, use a deskmat . This pad immediately gives your desk a more luxurious look and is also comfortable! If you have a lot of different things, such as chargers, notebooks, post-it sticky notes, make sure that you can store them in containers and drawers that match the whole in terms of color and shape.

Make it personal

In addition to a stylish and quiet workplace, it is above all your workplace. Customize the workplace and make it personal by adding elements that are truly yours. Photo frames with memories that put a smile on your face or a work of art that you have created yourself. Maybe there is a corner with a mood board on which pieces of fabric, favorite quotes and photos form a collage of inspiration.

Which colour?

And then there is color - perhaps the most important thing - to create the right atmosphere. Don't just consider the color of the desk, chair or accessories, but also consider the (back) walls and the floor. Preferably choose colors in the same shade, for example neutral white tones, stylish green or soothing blue tones. Each color creates a different atmosphere. A color and atmosphere is of course very personal and to make a good choice we have also written a blog: Which color suits your office?


In addition to an attractive color choice, it is wise to also enrich your workplace with some plants. Plants on your desk not only provide a fresh look, but also fresh air. They bring a bit of nature inside and have a calming effect.

Your home office is where your professional and personal worlds come together, a place where you not only work, but also collect ideas and chase dreams. With Aptiq you can transform this space into a place that inspires you to be your best self every day. Take a look at our inspiration page and discover our workplace collections .