Thuiswerken zo blijf je vitaal en productief

Healthy working from home: this is how you stay vital and productive

As an avid remote worker, I know how easy it is to be glued to your desk for hours on end. But, allow me to share what I've learned: exercise and variety is the key to health and productivity. Not only getting up from your chair regularly, but also taking moments when you don't work at all. In this blog I explain how you can work from home in a healthier way and give you a few simple tips on how to become more productive.

It is a recognizable scenario for many home workers: you are in a 'flow' and suddenly hours have passed without you realizing it. Your concentration is top, but your body starts to protest. Cramped shoulders, a painful back or a stiff neck are often the result of these marathon sessions. In short, it's time to break this pattern and bring more harmony to your work routine.

My work-from-home motto is therefore: “stop working, start creating!” . Just by doing something different and stopping what you were doing, gave me different insights and new solutions. The movement ensures better blood flow and the variety ensures that the brain relaxes and even makes new connections. It is precisely these connections that are very important in the creation process and the search for a solution. You may recognize it, but you have been struggling with an issue or problem for a while and suddenly while cooking you get a great inspiration. But how can you incorporate this into your daily routine? Here are some simple tips:

Integrate movement and variety

Regularly alternate your static sitting position with standing. A sit-stand desk can offer a solution. Working while standing keeps your circulation active and your mind alert. But don't stand there for too long; it's about balance. Also start integrating short exercise breaks into your working day. Set a timer every 30 minutes and get up to stretch your legs. Take the opportunity to drink a glass of water or to look out the window and rest your eyes. This not only helps against physical complaints, but it also provides a mental refresher.

The power of relaxation

Also allow relaxation into your day. A short meditation or breathing exercise can do wonders for your mind and body. It brings peace, reduces stress levels and makes room for creativity. Try a mindfulness app or listen to soothing music during your breaks. And then your eyes, which are focused for hours on that one point in front of you. They deserve a break too. Take a moment every twenty minutes to stare into the distance and let your gaze wander quietly over your surroundings. This is not only good for your eye muscles, but it also helps you relax mentally.

Create with movement

However, the true elixir for a healthy work rhythm is taking walks. Taking a walk around the block, stretching your legs, breathing fresh air - it clears your head and wakes up your body. A walk promotes blood circulation and gives you new energy to tackle your tasks with renewed focus.
It has been proven that light exercise such as walking can stimulate cognitive functions. The 'eureka' moments often come when we take a step back from the problem. Give yourself time to walk around the block and let the fresh air clear your mind.

Working from home doesn't have to mean being stuck at your desk. It's an opportunity to approach your work in a healthier and more productive way. It is the dynamics of movement and rest, of effort and relaxation, that not only makes us healthier, but also more productive. From sitting to standing, from looking intently at your screen to relaxing and staring into the distance - it is a dance that your body needs. Take up the challenge, make exercise your ally and experience how good it feels to have a working day full of vitality. With these tips you will take big steps towards a healthier working from home life. More information about healthy working and designing your workplace can be found on this blog .