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      Work comfortably and ergonomics with a desk mat

      At Aptiq, ergonomics and style come together in our high-quality desk pad. Our desk mat is designed in such a way that it not only protects your desk but also helps improve your working posture and increase productivity. The desk mat is made of durable and flexible double-sided polyurethane with a beautifully stitched finish. This gives a real leather look and the top layer is developed in such a way that your mouse moves easily and precisely over the surface.


      Why choose the Aptiq desk topper?

      At Aptiq we are committed to improving your working comfort and workspace. Our desk topper is more than just a pad; it is a statement of style, durability and an ergonomic design that fits perfectly into any working environment.

      Benefits of the Aptiq deskmat

      Ergonomic: The Aptiq desk topper provides comfortable support for your hands while working. This desk mat keeps you within the ideal working zone and helps you work within shoulder width, so you say goodbye to uncomfortable positions and reduce the risk of RSI complaints.

      Stylish design: With a minimalist design that combines clean lines with soft, rounded corners, the Aptiq desk topper adds an elegant touch to your workplace. Choose from seven subtle colors and create an inviting and stylish space where you love to spend time.

      Robust and durable: Made of high-quality and durable polyurethane, our desk pad provides exceptional protection for your desk and comfort to your hands, without taking up unnecessary space on your desk.

      Fits into any interior: The Aptiq deskmat is designed to integrate seamlessly into any workspace, with a color palette tailored to contemporary interior styles.

      Work smart: The Aptiq desk pad defines your work zone and keeps it organized. It provides a smooth surface for your mouse and protects your desk from wear and tear.

      Design desk topper: the basis of your work zone

      Our desk topper or desk pad is the foundation of your workspace. The rounded corners echo the design of the keyboard, while the high-quality, double-sided flexible polyurethane provides comfort to your hands. Available in seven stylish colours, with beautifully stitched edges that exude a luxurious leather look, this desk mat defines your primary work zone and keeps you within the confines of an ergonomic shoulder width. The desk mat not only provides comfort but also precision for your mouse movements. The specific dimensions of the mat ensure that you work within the ergonomic limits of shoulder width, which contributes to a healthy posture and an organized work zone.


      The ideal choice for your workplace

      With the Aptiq desk mat you not only opt for an ergonomically sound working experience, but also for a stylish and modern look that fits seamlessly with any interior. It is the perfect addition for anyone who values ​​health, aesthetics and organization in their workspace.

      A responsible working attitude with the Aptiq desk topper

      A well-organized home workplace is more than just a chair and a desk. It starts with the foundation on which you work. The Aptiq deskmat has been developed to optimize your home workplace. The flat design in combination with a compact keyboard and mouse ensures that your hands remain in a natural position, in line with the forearms. This minimizes pressure on the wrists and ensures that you work comfortably. The dimensions of the desk pad guarantee that your mouse and keyboard remain within shoulder width, allowing you to maintain an ergonomic posture and prevent tension between the shoulder blades.

      Conclusion: a desk mat, a smart choice!

      The Aptiq desk topper is an investment in your health and well-being. It is a practical choice that contributes to a comfortable and stylized workplace. Whether you work for a few hours or a whole day, with the Aptiq desk topper you are assured of support in every aspect of your work.

      Reviews from Aptiq customers


      I received gifts from Aptiq under the Christmas tree. I received the tray monitor and the desktop press in off white that match an Apple I-mac nicely. Super good quality and looks very stylish. Your entire desk is immediately furnished. Drawer is useful for putting small things in. Super nice gift to give

      Robert Dresen
      Google review

      Stylish laptop standard ordered from the Midnight blue collection. The beautiful matte color and the perfect height of the stand are ideal for concentration and focus while working from home and are an asset to my desk. Neat webshop with a clear range, great user experience and smooth delivery.

      Webwinkelkeur review

      Very happy with this beautiful design workplace set. The complete set gives my workplace peace and quiet!

      Viviana van der Ven
      Google review

      Beautiful products, nice combination of style and ergonomics. Ordered a new topper, mouse and keyboard in Misty Green last week. Products were delivered quickly and they really look great.

      Webwikelkeur review

      A truly great collection for every home workplace!

      Anne Schuttelaars
      Google review


      Everything for an inspiring workplace

      Aptiq is the new Dutch design brand for stylish and ergonomic workplace accessories, with the aim of creating an inspiring and healthy working environment. Because we believe that a beautiful and ergonomic workplace is the key to more vitality, productivity and creativity.

      About Aptiq

      Aptiq workplace accessories

      Stylish design

      Our inspiration comes from the Scandinavian lifestyle and design philosophy. With calm and natural colors, high-quality materials and minimalist design, we create harmony and minimize distractions.

      Better working posture

      In addition to stylish design, Aptiq products contribute to a better working posture. Our products are ergonomically sound and do not require adjustment. Because a better posture ensures more comfort and ultimately higher productivity.

      Long lifespan

      All Aptiq products are made of high-quality materials that last a long time, even with intensive use. From the keystroke, height and thickness of the materials, everything has been thought through.